Day in the Life - Destination Site Visit

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Although our offices are in Washington, DC, our team is fully capable of producing events all around the world. Recently, we took our services to Jekyll Island. The following describes a day in the life as we visited this destination site.

The day started with an early morning trip to the airport. The team all pulled out our laptops while waiting at the gate so we could finalize itineraries and respond to emails from our other clients. By 9:30 am, we were up in the air headed to Jacksonville.

Once we landed, the team hopped in our rental car and took the hour-long trip to Jekyll Island. It was a gorgeous resort area with homes once owned by the likes of the Rockefellers, Carnegies, and more! We took some winding island roads to our first stop - the main clubhouse.


Here, we met our contact at the venue, the lovely bride and groom to be, and their parents. We spent some time discussing the wedding’s timeline, design, and logistics. Throughout the conversation, the team’s computer’s were out making live edits to the event documents. This was extremely valuable as it got the whole group on the same page.

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This conversation came to a close and the tasting began. The key to a successful tasting is to pace yourself and hydrate. Otherwise, you will never make it to the desserts! The ten people around the table all have different tastes and preferences so the trick for our team was focusing the conversation. In the end, we worked with the venue’s chef to create a dish which combined our favorites.

The final item to taste was the cake combinations. My sweet tooth always love to save room for the desserts! We mixed and matched a variety of options until we settled on one for the groom’s cake and one for the wedding cake.

With full stomachs, we walked through a variety of locations on the Island. Throughout this process, phones are out taking pictures and notes. This gives us the needed information to build scaled floor plans, understand decor needs and visions, and brainstorm the best event flow.

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From there, we popped over to the church to discuss some logistics. Construction would be occurring on the wedding day, so figuring out the best plans for transportation and parking was the focus of this walkthrough.

Our last stop was with the florist. We discussed the lookbook that we created inspired by the couple’s vision. The florist showed us her inventory allowing us to loosely build a few options for the couple. After some back and forth, we settled on the types of flowers and greenery. By 7:00 pm we were back in the air and headed home to DC!