Can You Hear Me NOW??

We have all heard this scenario before - You are sitting at an event and there is a captivating speaker on stage.  They have a wireless microphone and are actively engaging the audience.  And then it happens.  First, it will be a random word here and there.  Then an entire sentence.  The microphone is giving out. No matter the cause, the guests become annoyed, the speaker frustrated, and the producer embarrassed.

This is why spending money on quality sound equipment is vital. In our opinion, there are three major reasons for sound:

  •  Ambiance

    Have you ever walked into an event where the room is completely silent?  Uncomfortable, right?  The background music played can determine the mood of the event.  Do you want your event to be chill and relaxing or exciting and high energy?  Sound can help you create the experience you are looking for!

  • Getting the message across

    Now if your organization has a goal or a mission, you have clearly communicate that message. Whether it is a presenter, a video, or a panel, sound will make sure that whatever you want to get across happens and your guests can really get it. 

  • Gaining guests’ attention

    We have a client that does networking events quarterly.  For years, at the end of their event, guests would never leave.  They would try to encourage guests to leave, but still they lingered.  To solve this, we introduced the client to “voice of god”.  At the end, we announced the event was over and asked people to make their way towards the exit.  It got the guests attention causing everyone to leave in under 10 minutes. Clearly, utilizing sound and using the right equipment solved this problem.

Next time you are planning for your event, remember: “Sound can make or ___________ your event…” “Oh darn, the Mic went out!”