N Street Village Gala 2018

Client: N Street Village

Venue: Marriott Marquis Washington, DC

Date: March 14, 2018

Number of Guests: 800

Event Challenge: 

The N Street Village Gala hosts a number of DC’s biggest name VIPs as guests, event hosts, and honorees. Among the crowd are Congressmen, CEOs, and other influential leaders. One of the biggest challenges of this event is coordinating the arrival and handling of the evenings esteemed guests, particularly those who are involved in the program. In order to ensure that the show runs seamlessly and that all stage participants have a stress free experience, our team brings in two stage managers to help direct people to the stage and guide them when they are on stage. Participants are given plenty of warning ahead of their time to be on stage, all choreographed and timed by the main show caller. In preparing ahead of time by noting who has arrived and where each participant is sitting, our team has been able to reduce stress around the timing and management of the program and create an enjoyable evening for all. 


Lighting/Sound/Video: PSAV

Décor: Syzygy

Photography: Jenny Lehman

Florals: Urban Petals

Musicians: Crush Funk Brass Band