Client: 4-H

Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Washington, DC

Date: March 2018

Number of Guests: 400

Event Challenge: Some of our clients have institutional practices and protocols as well as internal structures that may not always prove effective when planning events. You’ve heard the term, “less is more” and in events, this can prove to be extremely true. However, sometimes you are forced to deal with things that can’t be changed. This event called for extra external management to ensure everyone with assigned tasks on the night of the event were show-ready and are prepared for any and every issue that could and did arise.  Streamlining processes can be extremely valuable from a production standpoint and this was certainly a learning experience about how to approach clients with this idea in a respectful and professional manner. 


Lighting: PSAV

Catering: Ritz-Carlton Washington, DC 

Sound: PSAV 

Décor: Amaryllis Floral and Event Design 

Roger Whyte4-H