Tips and Tricks to the Best Halloween Party!

Whether you prefer tricks or treats on Halloween, you should have a memorable party. The following steps work for any Halloween crowd. These easy to follow steps can help you plan an office party, kid-friendly event, or even a big, BOOzy party for your friends!

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Step One: Set a Theme

While a traditional Halloween Costume Party is fun, having a creative theme makes your event stand out. I always enjoy a decades party because it’s easy to include guests of all ages. A Disney theme or Superhero/villain concept also encourages a diverse group of guests to wear an amazing costume. If your crowd prefers to be spooky, a Scary Movie theme allows guests to get their gore on!

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Step Two: Set a Date and Venue

Now that your theme is set, find the perfect venue and date. Raw spaces are a great venue option for a haunted Halloween! The bare walls are easy to transform into a haunted house. The large open space can also be segmented into smaller rooms. This way the night progresses through each room which is a great way to keep guests wowed throughout the night. Additionally, a historic site like a mansion naturally gives off some Halloween vibes.

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Step Three: Invite Guests

The next step is to send out invitations! The invitation's design is a great opportunity to play up the theme and set the night’s atmosphere. Avoid the traditional orange and black design so your invites are unique. Similarly, think strategically about your guest list. Will they enjoy the theme?What type of activities would engage the group? Does the date and time of the event work well for the crowd you want to invite? Try to send them out approximately 3 weeks before the event to give your attendees time to plan their schedules.


Step Four: Decor and Activations

Start with a killer playlist. Incorporating some Halloween classics are a must but don’t be afraid to stray away from the mainstream by including some music unique to your theme. Additionally, use your decor and activations to create a fully immersive experience. Add some creepy, crawly webbing and spiders to the floor. Ghouls, ghosts, mummies and more can be scattered throughout the event space. Maybe even add a fog machine for that extra element. Themed activations capture guests attention and can entertain throughout the event. Options include having a backdrop for photos so all the ghouls and guys have something to post to social media! Pumpkin bowling, bobbing for apples, and other fall classics are some other easy additions.

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Step Five: Don’t forget the Snacks and the BOOze

A spooky specialty cocktail is must for the Halloween! A blood red punch* served in a skull dish sets an eerie mood. Gummy worms in pudding or green jello as slime are great dessert options for kids! More simple appetizers can be renamed as well. This is an opportunity to incorporate your personality or company branding into the night so be innovative!  

*Stir one 64-ounce bottle cherry or cranberry-cherry juice, 1-liter ginger ale, 1/4 cup lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon grenadine in a large punch bowl. Add 2 cups frozen cherries and 1 orange, cut into chunks. (To spike it, add 2 cups bourbon or rye and 3 dashes orange bitters. )

Bonus Tip - If you are overwhelmed while planning your Halloween party, contact us! We are here to help make the planning process stress free so that every event is unforgettable.