Power Up: How we Staff Up for Large Events

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On any given day, there are four of us working in our office, out at site visits, or in meetings with clients (The “Core Four”, if you will). While this in-house team is able to handle most events on our own, sometimes an event requires us to call in some outside help. For events such as The Rammys, The N Street Village Gala, and The National 4-H Council Legacy Awards, we are lucky to have an extended network of event professionals we can count on to build out our team. These industry experts are former White House staffers, congressional staffers, PR professionals, and in-house event and marketing powerhouses. We pick the best of the best and trust that their work will reflect our high standards.

When we know that a client’s event will require extra hands, we think strategically about who to bring in for that specific event. One of our core team members will always be the Event Lead, managing the event from a macro level, but we may bring in assistance to help with stage management, liaising with VIPs, calling the show, or managing vendor partners such as decor or catering teams. Since we’re easily able to scale our day-of team while keeping our everyday team tight, we can give our clients the best value and better keep all tasks on budget. Further, our clients do not pay extra for an expanded team, but rather this is built into our pricing from the beginning and comes out of our pocket, rather than passing the cost onto the client.

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Our clients have come to know and love our extended team, and often times request the same people to return year after year. They know that these part-time staffers are just as crucial to our work as the four of us in the office everyday, and that they can trust their work will be held to the same high standard. You can trust that no matter how big of an event you’re planning, RJ Whyte has the personnel to create a flawless experience!